Shantar Z


3-year-old - Zangersheide - Mare - Fading black - 16.2 hh

Buybacks to Tuulia T. - Breeder Ratsutila Gateaway

  Virtuaalihevonen VH16-272-0003
  Zangersheide tamma 165 cm klm
  Syntynyt 27.07.2015 om. Jayde VRL-05186

I'm little bit impulsive, I have to say. Once I was driving towards Zeeland, and suddenly I decided to see my friend Tuulia. Her stable Gateway is full of top quality horses, so I was of course having thoughts about foals. When I arrived I found out there were not any fillies for sale but I managed to get a custom-made horse.

  Shantar is as peaceful and calm as her sire. She is of course having some tricks up her sleeves, but still she can respect grooms. Shantar has an amazing skill to understand her limits, she is never driving people to madness.

  Shantar might seem to be lazy when she is under saddle. She is listening her rider but she doesn't have passion for dressage or small fences. Shantar has high self-confidence and she loves challenges - only high fences really excites her. Courage is certainly needed in the show jumping arena, and Shantar has talent.

  Chaumont Sibelius
  VIR MVA Ch Siberian Code   ERJ I, YLA1, HANN I, KTK II   Comrat Russian
  Northern Light
  Blue Sapphire   Santiago
  Piretta Z
  Sphyraenid SWA
  TRAK, 169 CM, BAY
  Willemstad   Zanderanthes
  Sphyrnidae   Windermere

Genotype of Shantar is Ee/aa (black). She leaves her calm and peaceful behavior behind but also her good social skills and passion for high fences. During the year 2018 Shantar is going to continue her career as 3-year-old.