Breeding used to be really big part of Moon Sugar Ltd. We are focusing nowadays on sport horses, especially on Dutch Warmbloods, Zangersheides, and NWR ponies. Even if there are not so many breeding horses in the Moon Sugar Ltd anymore, we can still say that we are part of the business. We are and have always been breeding horses with the prefix Sokerikuun, without an exception.

The goal of breeding is to create a horse, that is able to perform at high level. Pedigree is the starting point for everything obviously. We want versatility to pedigrees - both modern and old lines. Our ultimate objective after all is to break absurd SIM-game traditions because we think "we have always done like this" just slows down progress. I could say we are leaning on to real life breeding rules quite a bit, and also to common sense. We follow studbook rules about horse breeds and naming but of course we have to use logical reasoning - we are in virtual world after all. When I'm choosing a combination, I'm always thinking why this is a good mix - what are the properties of future foal?

  In the world of SIM-game stables we always have to think our methods with rational mind. Pedigree is the main thing about breeding to us, personality of horse and his / her pictures are not so important. Pedigree is always the same but for example pictures are easy to change. Even though titles don't mean everything to us, we still want to see some (permanent!) diplomas about quality in pedigrees.


Stallions Standing At Stud

During the year 2017, all stallions are standing at the stud. Stallions are for limited breeding only, you can spot advertisement couple times during year. All the money is only part of SIM-game, so real money does not change owner.

GNs Loki: € 350
Camaïeu Z: € 300
Sokerikuun Synthwave, Kingston RGE: € 200

Naming Themes

I'm a big fan of many things so most certainly it is possible to find many naming themes. Can you find something I (certainly) missed?

The Game of Thrones (16): Sokerikuun Duck The King, Sokerikuun Cersei, Sokerikuun Nymeria, Sokerikuun Maegyr, Sokerikuun Ser Hound, Sokerikuun Rainbow Renly, Sokerikuun Valyria, Sokerikuun Blackfyre, Sokerikuun Red Viper, Sokerikuun Tytos, Sokerikuun Howlin' Direwolf, Sokerikuun Rhaelle, Sokerikuun Fabulous Direwolf, Sokerikuun Gilded Lion, Sokerikuun Lyanna, Sokerikuun Lion Claws

Dragon Age (12): Sokerikuun Darkspawn, Sokerikuun Maleficar, Sokerikuun Arlessa, Sokerikuun Dragonscale, Sokerikuun Fade, Sokerikuun Duckin' Shield Wall, Sokerikuun Spellcaster, Sokerikuun Maferath, Sokerikuun Eluvian, Sokerikuun Black Divine, Sokerikuun Elvhenan, Sokerikuun Red Templar

Guild Wars (10): Sokerikuun Cosmic Wisp Z, Sokerikuun Gandara Z, Sokerikuun Gidara Z, Sokerikuun Godslayer, Sokerikuun Istan Jewel, Sokerikuun Kournan Mirage, Sokerikuun Lightbringer, Sokerikuun Lightforged, Sokerikuun Spectrum Z

The Elder Scrolls (10): Sokerikuun Ash'abah, Sokerikuun Imperialistic, Sokerikuun Sahloknir, Sokerikuun Chimer, Sokerikuun Supernal Dreamer, Sokerikuun Meridia, Sokerikuun Ardent Flame, Sokerikuun Long Lost Lore, Sokerikuun Skooma Trip, Sokerikuun Jadier

KWPN2017mareSokerikuun Kournan MirageKingston RGE + Sokerikuun Ice CreeeamNereus Riding Center
Z2017stallionSokerikuun Spectrum ZSaviour GER + Sokerikuun Infinite RealityRomilly
Z2016mareSokerikuun Gidara ZSokerikuun Gandara Z + Ce's ArchaicaEscapisme
Z2016mareSokerikuun Crystal Brand ZCamaïeu Z + Tiva ZH.
Z2016stallionSokerikuun Cosmic Wisp ZCamaïeu Z + Upon A Star RARuunilan ratsutila
WPB2016stallionSokerikuun GodslayerSokerikuun Synthwave + Glenwood GemmaNereus Riding Center
WÜRTT2014mareSokerikuun LightforgedGNs Loki + NRC AmarokRising Sun Stables
AWB2014mareSokerikuun Ash'abahJakarn Nur + Sokerikuun ValyriaSouthern Acres Inc.
WESTF2014mareSokerikuun SpellcasterGemstone + Light CrusaderNereus Riding Center
WESTF2014mareSokerikuun NightwolfCataphractarius + NightingaleSternhof
KWPN2014mareSokerikuun Jacinthe ZealotCarnell MW + Sokerikuun Red TemplarMoon Sugar Ltd
FWB2014stallionSokerikuun LightbringerGNs Loki + Nefertari's PhiladelphiaNereus Riding Center
NWR2013stallionSokerikuun SynthwaveMerrick + Griet SadieMoon Sugar Ltd
KWPN2013mareSokerikuun Istan JewelNRC Captain Comet + Ce’s ArchaicaMoon Sugar Ltd
KWPN2013mareSokerikuun Ice CreeeamMC Pancake + Female Emotion RSMoon Sugar Ltd
Z2013stallionSokerikuun Gandara ZGuerrilla Fall + Nefertari's PhiladelphiaMoon Sugar Ltd
WESTF2009mareSokerikuun Night ElfUlrich von Radon + NightingaleRising Sun Stables
FWB2006stallionSokerikuun Ser HoundGucci CF + Vuvuzela VegasSportpferde Winter
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