Impact of old and new

Moon Sugar Ltd is located in the southern part of Netherlands, near Belgium. Our region Zeelandic Flanders is next to nature reserve Zwin.

  From the yard you can find two modern stables for our show jumpers. In the center of the courtyard is a small garden with a horse-shaped fountain. The fountain is the oldest part of the area, probably from 17th or 18th century. The manor and stable are much newer, they were built in the beginning of 2008, after old buildings caught fire. Nowadays the farm is a modern place for horses with an impact of past time.

Stables, Riding Arenas & Paddocks

White stables are near each other, connected by a office. The old fountain is between the office and red indoor arena. Horses have openable windows, so they can smell fresh air and watch very sharply what we are currently doing. The first stable is for mares and has 30 boxes, the second stable is smaller one with 10 boxes. Both stables have their own saddle rooms, but the stallions' stable has a place for beddings. We are using hemp by the way as stall bedding! Feedroom is located inside of smaller stable. Diet of our horses focuses mostly on hay, minerals, and grain.

  There are two riding arenas, and one walking machine in the yard. The first one is an outdoor arena (20 m x 60 m) for show jumping, and flat working. Indoor arena is the same size and it's also suitable for both sport. The indoor arena is beside the old fountain, the outdoor arena is in turn further away from the stables. The indoor arena is a red building with big windows, and thus it is very bright. The footing is made of white synthetic material.

  Horses are outside usually everyday. Stallions are all alone but mares have at least one pack member with them. Paddocks are located all around the area.


Outdoor Activity & The Village

The Netherland is maybe not known for its forest, but our region Zeelandic Flanders is bordered by a Belgium nature park Zwin. Small spots of trees are like oasis, surrounded by sand and sea. Zeeland is all about flood, dunes, dams and wind. Even though Moon Sugar Ltd is located in the Netherlands, its extremly easy to cross border, and go to Belgium. Usually you don't even notice your current country.

  Moon Sugar Ltd is located quite near little village where horses and riders can go. The village is quite populated even when there is a lot of agriculture (= cows). There is of course a pub, couple stores, and old stone church. Like in every small village, people will know everything about you.

  Zeeland is famous for its coastline. The North Sea is maybe not a crystal clear tropical ocean, but it has its advantages - there is a lot of space for galloping! You will also hear a lot of stories about Dutch pirates, lost treasure chests, and vengeful ghosts.

Schedule of the Day

In the idealistic day we can follow the routine. Usually different events (e.g. competitions) effects to the schedule.

  • 4 x feeding (hay, minerals, grain)
  • 45 - 60 min riding
  • 15 - 30 min walking (the walking machine or with halter)
  • 2 - 6 hours outside in the paddock

Members of the Group

# Owners

Mr and Mrs Wuopio: It is known that the real masterminds behing Moon Sugar Ltd are the parents of Jayde. So little is known about those two, Jayde refuses to say anything about her heritage. It's very clear that Jayde's parents are rich, and from Finland, but then there are only rumors. Some say her parents are really strict, and always angry.

Jayde Wuopio: She is called the dictator of Moon Sugar even if she is basically a funny and wise person. Her determination and sharpness can sometimes make others feel uncomfortable especially during rush because then she can be mad for some reason. Jayde is the daughter of the owners, and she is usually in her office or riding horses.

  Both are from Finland
  Their age is unknown
  Their appearance is unknown

  Originally from Finland
  Blond hair, grey-blue eyes

# Professional Riders

Daan van den Berg: He used to be an eventing rider but nowadays Daan prefers show jumping. Daan is very good with horses - although he is little bit grumpy he can still be patient. In the arena he brings the best quality out of horses with his rational thinking. Sometimes (?) Daan can get too sarcastic and then he is not maybe the best company.

Joep van Dijk: Joep is the second full-time rider in Moon Sugar. If Daan is a talker Joep is the opposite of that. He likes to be silent and think before acting. Joep is worshipped by ladies because of his good look but in fact he is gay and happily married. As a rider Joep clearly prefers dressage over show jumping but he can do both if needed.

  From the Netherlands
  Dark hair, black eyes

  From the Netherlands
  Blond hair, green eyes

# Amateur Riders

Marie Claes: Marie started as a banker, but she decided it's not meant for her. She had always loved horses, and riding, so she ended up to focus on show jumping. It took years to climb where she is now, but at the moment she can perform 4.3 ft classes. Marie can sometimes be too serious, she has a clear goal - she wants to become a professional.

Anna Blomqvist: Anna comes from the rich area from Finland - she is speaking Swedish as her main language. Anna's father is a CEO and her mother is a professor in university. Anna decided to ride professionaly, but she didn't make her breaktrough. She moved to the Netherlands to become better. Anna has much to learn, mostly with her attitude.

  From Belgium
  Dark hair, brown eyes

  From Finland (Swedish-speaking minority)
  Dark hair, green eyes

# Child Riders

Zoë Hendrickx: Zoë has been around many years. She is a cheery 13-year-old girl with a determined attitude. Zoë loves all horses, especially ponies. She has a good balance, even though she has much to learn. At the moment she wants to participate pony show jumping classes, and she has been successful so far. I think Zoë will be the future star.

  From Belgium
  Dark hair, blue eyes

# The others

Naomi Jackson: African American Naomi is originally from the southern United States. She has been living in the Netherlands 20 years now and speaks fluent dutch. She has never been big fan of riding but Naomi loves horses and is our trustable stablemaster. She is a big fan of humor and her laugh is quite recognizable. Naomi is at least once during day saying "dang!" and she also loves food with all her heart.

The Others: Not talking about ghots. There are usually teenagers spending their time in the stables, especially our rebel Luca. Luca is 16-year-old kid who is always smoking and for some reason our former stallion Ser Duck really liked that boy. Now Luca just need to find a new friend.

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