Ce's Archaica


VH15-011-0434 / V-LN: 4618784 / ID: 17

BREED, GENDERHanoverian, mare
YOB, AGE2009, 9-year-old
Color, heightBay, 17.0 HH / 167 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO03.06.2015, RE: 150 CM
BreederDomenica Estate

There has always been times, when I just need to buy horses like candies. I don't know where this bad habit comes from, but I don't fight this feeling for a long time. Often I end up to return these horses after I've come to my senses, but Ce's Archaica represents a totally different story. I bought her without a thought, but she is still one of my favourites. I think her breeder has a lot to do with this, because I absolutely love Domenica Estate. All their horses have got so much attention, that I can find myself reading their stories for hours.. Archaica's dam Ce's Apella was also so cute, that I couldn't say no to her foal.

  You, my dear readers, know what happens when people follow their heart more than their senses. I only saw a cute foal from a cute mare, so I never assumed she would be mean. I was partially wrong. Archaica, also known as Kaiku, is not a she-devil, but she definitely is a diva. Later I learned, that Kaiku has definitely inherited her behavior from her damline. She maybe isn't going to bite or kick you, but she makes drama about everything. Muddy terrain is a no-no for Kaiku, and she also hates changes in routines. Kaiku is a lady, who makes her opinion very clear. Unfortunately, grooming isn't her favourite thing at all...

  I think that Kaiku loves show jumping. I only have my thoughts, because she isn't our easiest horse to ride. Kaiku is fast, agile and hot-blooded, she makes her own decisions if she doesn't trust her rider. Kaiku definitely won't trust to strangers, but she also demands absolutely focus from her regular riders too. One of her favourite trick is to make 180 degree turn during full canter, if she is let to deal jumps without any proper support. When her rider has her full trust, she will jump like a cat, hovering over fences easily.

  Southbound Oak   KTK II   Silverlode Santos   EV II   Skylar GER
  Liquid Lovin'
  Joga Woods   ERJ II   Jogo   ERJ III, HANN II, YLA2
  Garden Party
  Ce's Apella   ERJ I   Malus Port   Grag Gigolo
  Ce's Aelinya   ERJ I   Wotan Raw   ERJ II, KERJ II, YLA1

Genotype of Kaiku is Ee/Aa (bay). She leaves her hot-blooded and diva-like behavior behind, but also her fast canter and quick decisions to her progeny. She might also leave her effortless jumping style. During the year 2018 Kaiku is going to continue her career as 9-year-old.