NRC Beleriand

GCh, SCh, Klass I

VH16-011-0198 / V-LN: 4297947 / ID: 46

BREED, GENDERHanoverian, mare
YOB, AGE2009, 9-year-old
Color, heightBlack grey, 17.2 HH / 175 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO01.01.2009, RE: 140 CM
BreederNereus Riding Center

NRC Beleriand has a normal history - I was screaming for more horses and offerings were made. Usually I regret my choices at some point but not with Beleriand. The grey mare is from Nereus, which is one of my favourite SIM-game stables. Beleriand has also amazing pedigree and she is really pretty. What else I should hope for?

  I have to say Beleriand is little bit annoying. The grey mare is the one to scream for food every morning and Beleriand can also scream with her four-legged friends all the time. Sometimes I just use earplugs and then I'm feeling much better. At least Beleriand is easy to handle and groom but she can have too much energy.

  Having too much energy is the normal when we are talking about Beleriand. She is always ready to canter, fences are her passion and almost nothing can stop her. Even though Beleriand wants to jump again and again she can at least listen her rider. Sometimes rider has to be quite harsh but Beleriand is never out of control. She is still not easy to ride because of her bouncy canter and powerful jump.

  GNs Belfalas SP   GCh LCh   Black Velvet   Landadel
  Be Mine
  GE Feuerfunke GN   Fürst Rainbow
  Kalypsa D
  GNs Chance auf Glück   SCh   RGE Eoin   RGE Eosander
  La Trés Chic ZSG
  Coles Lucky Day GN   Leuchtfeuers Cole Latimer
  Ladylike GN

Genotype of Beleriand is Ee/aa/Gg (black grey). She leaves her energetic and noisy behavior behind but also her bouncy canter and powerful jumping style. During the year 2018 Beleriand is going to continue her career as 9-year-old.