Sokerikuun Jacinthe Zealot

BCh, DCh

VH16-012-0188 / V-LN: 725913 / ID: 26

BREED, GENDERDutch Warmblood, mare
YOB, AGE2014, 4-year-old
Color, heightBay, 17.0 HH / 173 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO01.01.2014, RE: 150 CM
BreederMoon Sugar Ltd

I've always wanted to have Dutch Warmbloods but for a some reason, only German Warmbloods have maked their mark in my life. When Moon Sugar Ltd moved to the Netherlands and started a new course I decided I wanted to have different breeds now. The first homebred after the new life happens to be KWPN, what a cheery start!

  The dam of Zealot is really calm but her daughter is different. Zealot is not evil or nasty, her problem is to have way too much energy. Most likely she is restless while grooming, Zealot doesn't seem to have so much patience at all. If groom pays no mind to her uneasiness she will maybe calm down little bit and accept her faith.

  Zealot is like a racehorse - as long as she is moving forward she's happy. Halting without a purpose makes Zealot to go restless, but luckily she can (sometimes) listen her rider. When Zealot sees fences she moves vigorously and is really eager to canter. Zealot is naturally good Jumper and she has no problems to leap over fences.

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Genotype of Zealot is Ee/Aa (bay). She leaves her eager and zealous behavior behind but also her courage, good attitude and good jumping skill. During the year 2018 Zealot is going to continue her career as 4-year-old.