Tiva Z

Ch, Ch, Klass I

VH17-272-0003 / V-LN: 4459450 / ID: 42

BREED, GENDER :Zangersheide, mare
YOB, AGE :2012, 6-year-old
Color, height :Bay, 16.2 HH / 165 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO :13.08.2017, RE: 160 CM
Breeder :J&D Showjumpers

I was having a holiday, when I got a message from my friend. "Showjumpers, here in an auction. Bring your wallet!" I paid my bill and hurried back to my car. I almost missed the start, but I arrived just in time to the auction. I managed to get a handbill after my first purchase. At first I noticed the name Tiva Z, then I surveyed her pedigree.

  I clearly liked what I saw. I bought Tiva and two other mares from the same breeder. Unlike those others, Tiva wasn't easy one. She was observing everything with a suspicious mind, always thinking should she trust us or not. If she was feeling pushed, she simply took off. Nowadays Tiva isn't such a skeptic one but she has still fiery temperament.

  It is also clear that Tiva isn't the easiest one to ride. She is sensitive, self-willed and fast. Her rider must be vigilant all the time. If Tiva is let to face problems alone, she will make her own choices quickly. When her rider is calm and steady but firm she will be pleased. Tiva has amazing jumping skills, her canter is outstanding and she can make quick turns. At first she can be hard one, but ultimately she wants to do everything for selected people.

Truth or Consequences
OLD, 2003, BLACK
Thorn xx
All In
OLD, 1999, BAY
Daredevil Z
Z, 2009, BAY
SWB, 2004, BAY
Berlin Z
Z, 2002, BAY

Genotype of Tiva is EE/Aa (bay). She leaves her sceptical and not-so-easy behavior behind to her progeny, but also her good canter and capacity for high fences. During the year 2018 Tiva is going to continue her career as 6-year-old. She will jump 3.6 - 3.9 feet during the next season.