Fate's Razor Z

Ch, Ch, Klass I

VH17-272-0002 / V-LN: 5974093 / ID: 133

BREED, GENDERZangersheide, mare
YOB, AGE2013, 5-year-old
Color, heightChestnut, 16.3 HH / 166 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO13.08.2017, RE: 160 CM
BreederJ&D Showjumpers

I was having a holiday, when I got a message from my friend. "Showjumpers, here in an auction. Bring your wallet!" I paid my bill and hurried back to my car. I almost missed the start, but I arrived just in time to the auction. Fate's Razor Z was then in the ring, and I decided to make an offer. I didn't know so much about her, but I trusted my instinct.

I was absolutely right. Fate's Razor Z turned out to be a fantastic jumper for high classes. She has her own personality, but she isn't mean or dramatic one. Fate's Razor Z aka Raspi loves to be in the center of attention, but she can still relax and eat grass in a paddock. Raspi is a social horse with good manners. Sometimes she can be too greedy for food...

Raspi loves to jump. She can gallop fast, but she isn't the one to ignore her rider. Usually Raspi is just picking her ears forward, puffing out of excitement. She can be easy to ride, but Raspi also needs steady hand and strong leg. If her rider is almost sleeping, Raspi can loose also her focus. Normally she has a good jumping style, with balanced state of mind.

Fury o' War
Flaming Sword
Guild of Fate
RHEIN, 1999, BAY
Edge of Steel Z
Ethereal Dancer Z
Nemesis II

Genotype of Raspi is ee/aa (chestnut). She leaves her social and easy-going behavior behind but also her good social skills and good jumping style. During the year 2018 Raspi is going to continue her career as 5-year-old.