M.B. Adrasteia


VH18-031-0277 / V-LN: 0042817 / ID: 148

ROTU, SUKUPUOLI : Suomenpuoliverinen, tamma
Väri:Ruunikonkimo (Ee/Aa/Gg)
Syntynyt, ikä, säkä:06.04.2018, 2 vuotta, 171 cm
Kasvattaja :Mandelbacke
Omistaja :Jayde (VRL-05186)

I knew Mandelbacke would be amazing, even before I had seen it. The stable quickly turned out to be one of my favourites, because it had it all. Mandelbacke is a perfect mix of realism, good stories and small details. I was often admiring the stable, and especially their first homebred Pulkka. For a some reason, I really liked the stallion, maybe because of his personality. When Milja was selling Pulkka's offpring, it's obvious I couldn't say no.

  The offsping got a name M.B. Adrasteia. She was beatiful as a foal and still is, but she turned out to like food little bit too much. That's why her nickname is Pulla (= bun), and she has really lived up for it. Pulla is always searching for treats when she's being groomed, and she is acting like a wild beast during feeding time. Pulla can look like a mindless cookie monster, but truth to be told, she often manages to fool us. She is little bit too smart, so that's why her groomer has to be extra vigilant. Once Pulla managed to escape from her stall, and later she was found from my neighbour's tulip field...

  Sometimes I'm surprised, that Pulla has more than 50 % of Thoroughbred blood. To me, she is little bit like a lazy fat pony. Pulla doesn't like flatwork at all, and she is slower than a turtle when she is supposed to do for example shoulder-in. She feels to move slowly even when she's jumping, but at least then she's not trying to sleep. In fact, she has surprisingly strong jumping style, despite her non-bouncy canter. Pulla doesn't look fast, but her long strides are like made for jump-offs. She is also a good choice for beach gallop, if she has enough energy to switch gear. Pulla is a steady mount, but she has her own strong will.

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