Pina Colada Tb

Ch, Ch

VH17-048-0015 / V-LN: 5288014 / ID: 136

BREED, GENDER :Westphalian, mare
YOB, AGE :2017, 1-year-old
Color, height :Bay Grey, 17.0 HH / 170 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO :01.01.2017, RE: 145 CM
Breeder :Stall Terbeck

I make these empty promises not to buy new horses, but my principles didn't hold for long. I've always admired German SIM-game community, so I accidentally ended up to VRH Treff forum. There was one horse that got my attention, but I already had her half-sister. Despite this, I wanted to offer a home for this mare called Pina Colada Tb. The biggest reason was her pedigree, like you can guess. I found my old homebred Wincares Nosferatu from her pedigree, and he is said to be a legend in the German SIM-game world. To me, he represents my former stable Wincare at its peak time. I love to collect memories!

  If I would like to be nostalgic, I would say Pina Colada Tb aka Pihla is like her damsire's dam, Dolce Vita SWA. Pihla is also a silly one with almost dog-like behaviour. She likes to follow people, eat jackets, and beg for petting. Pihla loves everyone, she trusts strangers instantly. Because of this, Pihla is easy one to groom during competitions. She takes no stress from changing schedules nor new people. Pihla has only one problem - she is too friendly with another horses, and cannot always understand, how to behave.

  Pihla might seem to be like a teddybear, but she transforms into show jumping maniac, when she sees fences. She maybe isn't galloping full speed without permission, but Pihla is usually waving her head before a starting line, and bouncing like a pony. Beside this nasty behaviour, she is the type to focus on mission ahead, with a fantastic style of course. Pihla jumps like a cat, but she has her flaws. Her canter isn't the most elegant one, and thus its not so easy to collect. That's why her rider has to count steps carefully.

  MC Pancake   Ch   Pendragon LW   Ch   GNs Pilgrim FR   SCh
  WKGs Polarfee
  Coopers Devotion   Der Macho
  Dws Like A Lady RGE
  MC Nosferatus Noara GW   ACh   Wincares Nosferatu   ELITE, Sportler   Raison W!   ERJ I, ERL II, YLA3
  Dolce Vita SWA   ERJ I, VIR MVA Ch, YLA1
  MC Sharon SD   Superheld WS
  Petite Fleur

Genotype of Pihla is EE/AA/Gg (bay grey). She leaves her curious and silly behavior behind to her progeny, but also her eagerness to jump, and good jumping style. During the year 2018 Pihla is going to continue her career as 1-year-old. She will continue participating in-hand classes.