Sokerikuun Nova


VH00-000-0000 / V-LN: 9333915 / ID: 313

Breed, gender :Dutch Warmblood, mare
YOB, age :2018, 0-year-old
Color, height :Bay, 17.3 HH / 176 CM
[FIN] DOB, taso :20.08.2018, RE: 00 CM
Breeder :Moon Sugar Ltd

Nova was her dam's first foal, and I was little bit scared to see how everything would turn out. Nova's dam Kärmy isn't known for her kind nature, so I wanted to be sure that she wouldn't teach those nasty habits to her foal. When Nova was finally born, it was clear from day one that this foal isn't like her dam at all. Nova is taller than any of our horses, and she doesn't even look like a typical mare. I'd describe her as gentle giant, she has always been kind to each and everybody. Usually our kind horses are shy, but Nova has just the right amount of self-esteem.

  Nova is never in a hurry. She takes her time in her stall, watching out from window and occasionally sniffing other mares. Nova gets along with all our mares, even those feisty ones don't want to show mean face to her. I'd say, that her patience helps other horses to calm down.

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Genotype of Nova is Ee/AA (bay). She leaves her calm and kind behavior behind to her progeny, but also her powerful jumping style. During the year 2018 Nova is going to start her career as 0-year-old. She will learn to be without her dam during this year, and maybe participate couple shows.