Waldnerr SWA

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4-year-old - Westphalian - Mare - Bay - 17.0 hh

Buybacks to vibaja - Breeder Kingsvalley

  Westfaleninhevonen tamma 167 cm rn
  Syntynyt 18.02.2018 om. Jayde VRL-05186

I've always admired Kingsvalley, that stable seemed to be different than others. I had one horse from Kingsvalley years ago, she was called Dolce Vita SWA. That hanoverian was a foundation mare of Wincare, so she was special in all kind of ways. When I noticed Kingsvalley was having new horses for sale, I knew my fate as a poor woman was sealed.

  Waldnerr SWA, also known as Närhi, has her own tricks and habits. She isn't bad-tempered at all, but she can be annoying. Närhi is noisy, curious and too eager around people. Yes, she will hunt for food, and yes, she will most likely end up to eat your jacket. At least Närhi can understand if you say "NO", but it's an another story will she listen...

  Närhi has surprisingly reasonable parents, so she must have inherited some sense. Luckily Närhi can take her show jumping success seriously. She isn't acting like a foal under saddle, you can see how she focuses on task ahead. Närhi is quite independent one, she jumps better without too much support. Her rider has to remember that, otherwise Närhi will rebel against pressure. Närhi is a brave, agile and fast show jumper.

  Wedemark Sebastien   Wahnfried
  Lingen Donauquelle
  Marsannay 285   Chardonnay
  Magnolia 285
  Anteater SWA
  Fredsion   Wallie
  Vivian K
  Antelope H   ERJ I   Lore
  Antenna H

Genotype of Närhi is EE/Aa (bay). She leaves her independent and meddlesome behavior behind but also her ability to focus on tasks and fast jumping style. During the year 2018 Närhi is going to start her career as 4-year-old.