GNs Loki

GCh, SCh, WCh

VH16-013-0100 / V-LN: 9168820 / ID: 22

BREED, GENDEROldenburg, stallion
YOB, AGE2011, 7-year-old
Color, heightBuckskin, 17.0 HH / 173 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO10.01.2011, RE: 150 CM
BreederNereus Riding Center

My first touch to German SIM-game world was when I sold Wincare's Nosferatu to Kímni. Years later I managed to do something I've always wanted, and thus I decided to buy an international SIM-game horse. GNs Loki is from Nereus Riding Center, owned by a German SIM-gamer Nessa. Usually buying horses means regret at some point, but not this time.

  Breeder of Loki decribed him to be calm watcher and that he really is. When I bought him I was totally surprised how quiet Loki can be. Usually he is spending his time in a paddock, watching others while grazing. I was first thinking Loki must to be little bit shy but luckily he has the right amount of self-confident. He is easy to handle and because of this, Loki is very popular among grooms. Sometimes noise can stress him, but Loki won't bolt.

  Under a saddle Loki is easy-going. He listens his rider well and likes to focus on task ahead. Some horses get easily distracted but Loki is following orders even middle of heavy raining. Show jumping is natural to him and he has good balance. Loki's jumping style is light and agile, and he is very careful with poles. I think he has only one true weakness - Loki tries always to please his rider, and thus he will never refuse to jump. This can naturally be dangerous, so that's why only professional riders will ride him.

    Loki's photos are taken by Bundy-Stock

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Genotype of Loki is Ee/Aa/nCr (buckskin). He leaves his calm and good behavior behind but also his easy gallop and his ability to focus. Loki is standing at the stud during the year 2018, frozen semen is available for limited use. For further information, see breeding-page.