Kingston RGE


VH16-012-0247 / V-LN: 2023112 / ID: 50

BREED, GENDERDutch Warmblood, stallion
YOB, AGE2014, 4-year-old
Color, heightGrey bay, 16.3 HH / 166 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO28.07.2016, RE: 160 CM
BreederRoyal Gear

 There were plenty of reasons why I bought Kingston. His former owner R. had really pretty Sims 3 horses, and I like special snowflakes. The second reason was his pedigree - it's full of my homebreds. Wincare was my former stable, and by far, the most long-lasting one. Kingston also has other interesting names on his pedigree. Rêve de Haussea has bred KWPN horses with good care, so has the owner of Kingston's dam, Royal Gear.

  Kingston got his nickname Kingi from his previous owner. The grey stallion is like a teddy bear, he's always eager to be in touch with people. This quality can also have bad effects - Kingi is really noisy, and he doesn't like to be alone in the barn. The social one is easy to groom, at least. He is just happy to get attention, even from the vet or farrier.

 Show jumping is definitely for Kingi, that's for sure. He has an amazing jumping style with good balance. Kingi is the right choice for jump-offs, he is fast as a lightning bolt. Even though Kingi has so much potential, he is always testing his rider first. The stallion is too eager to move forward, so of course he's biting his bit and snorting. In fact Kingi needs strong leg, and soft hand. When everything is just perfect, Kingi can charm his audience.

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Genotype of Kingi is Ee/Aa/Gg (grey bay). He leaves his energetic and social behavior behind but also his good jumping style, and his potential for high fences. Kingi is standing at the stud during the year 2018, frozen semen is available for limited use. For further information, see breeding-page.