Cascabel v.d. Romilly


VH17-012-0175 / V-LN: 5451861 / ID: 137

Breed, gender :Dutch Warmblood, mare
YOB, age :2014, 4-year-old
Color, height :Bay, 16.1 HH / 164 CM
[FIN] DOB, taso :13.03.2017, RE: 160 CM
Breeder :Romilly

Bogart&Britanov was a fancy SIM-game stable, I have to say. I absolutely loved their KWPN horses! During that time I only had dozens of Hanoverians, I had some strange visions about a purebred stable. When I was ready to treat warmbloods as studbooks, Bogart&Britanov had already closed its doors. Years later I noticed something very promising - the stable's former owner was active again with a new one, Romilly.

  There's someting snaky about Cascabel v.d. Romilly. She's called Kärmy because of this cunning behavior, that causes so much grey hair to all of us. Don't understand me wrong, Kärmy is not evil. She is a social soul with lots of curiosity, but Kärmy is also unpredictable one. She's an opportunist, always taking advantage of the situation.

  Kärmy is a clever girl. Some people prefer to ride automatic horses, but I appreciate Kärmy's opinions. If she is refusing to jump, she wouldn't have passed that fence without knocking poles down. Kärmy is a careful one, but not oversensitive. She also has a weak point - if she has to do too many desicions, she will become too wild.

  Man of War   ERJ I   Fall of Icarus   ERJ I, KWPN I, YLA1   Fall of Man
  Serena Libre
  Vishera   ERJ I   Bulldozer
  Duchess C
  Tasmanian Red   Mathemanic   Beatboxer
  Bloody Pearl
  Trinidad Scorpion   ERJ I   Gregor
  Cayenne Golden

Genotype of Kärmy is Ee/Aa (bay). She leaves her calculating and opportunist behavior behind but also her good jumping style and cleverness. During the year 2018 Kärmy is going to continue her career as 4-year-old.