Sokerikuun Infinite Reality


VH17-012-0156 / V-LN: 6921532 / ID: 47

BREED, GENDERDutch Warmblood, mare
YOB, AGE2013, 5-year-old
Color, heightChestnut grey, 16.3 HH / 166 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO01.01.2013, RE: 150 CM
BreederMoon Sugar Ltd

  It would be good to say that I'm always planning carefully every steps. Like you can guess, my dear readers, word "impulsive" matches to my description more than well. My unstable nature demanded more homebreds, and this is how Sokerikuun Infinite Reality was born. Her sire is Nessa's stallion Memorios Capitol City, and dam is my cute Beleriand. At least she has an outstanding show jumping pedigree!

  Infinite Reality, commonly known as Isla, isn't like her dam at all. Isla is little bit shy, and reserved, she always thinks before acts. The grey mare takes her time when she is meeting new people, this rite involves lot of sniffing, and puffing. Even though Isla is not the breavest one, she doesn't need to be around other horses all the time. She is shy, but not running after her pals like a headless chicken. Isla is a thinker, not follower.

  That last sentence might lead you to a wrong conclusion. Isla loves to do show jumping, she is really eager to listen her rider. She would love to do her best, but she also needs a lot of encouragement. She is not a robot, so her rider has to be sharp. When Isla is feeling confident, she is jumping like a cat. She is also fast, and agile.

  Memorios Capitol City   NCh PCh GCh   Cody   Constantin
  Indian Summer   Dreamer
  NRC Beleriand   GCh, SCh, Klass I   GNs Belfalas SP   GCh LCh   Black Velvet
  GE Feuerfunke GN
  GNs Chance auf Glück   SCh   RGE Eoin
  Coles Lucky Day GN

Genotype of Isla is ee/Aa/Gg (chestnut grey). She leaves her calm and careful behavior behind but also her good jumping style and agility. During the year 2018 Kaiku is going to continue her career as 9-year-old.