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Finnish vs International SIM-gaming

1. Finnish community does not care that much about age, and doesn't usually use YOB

Generally speaking, age isn't that important at all to Finnish SIM-gamers. There are some cases when a horse's age is needed, but even then it's irrelevant. It's common to use much faster aging systems in Finland, if age is even mentioned.

2. Realism and real studbook rules are more important to non-Finnish SIM-gamers

Realism is also important to Finnish SIM-gamers, but quite often their horses jump straight to max level. Studbook naming rules aren't that important to them, but they are really accurate with allowed breeds. Often Finnish people like to breed only "purebred" warmbloods (e.g. Hanoverian has only Hanoverian lines), but this habit is luckily losing its grip.

3. Amount of generations matter more to Finnish SIM-gamers

Many Finnish SIM-gamers want to have even pedigrees, meaning that both dam and sire should have same amount of generations. Nowadays this habit isn't that "mandatory" like it used to be, but still many Finnish people like to see even pedigrees. Usually only foal's first three generations matter to them, so Finns don't care about if dam has 4 generations and sire has only 3.

4. Finnish community is very strict about copyrights, and don't want to use names of real horses

People in Finland like to use either their own photos or legal pictures. It's absolutely shocking for Finns, if somebody has taken pictures from Internet without a permission. It's even more terrifying for them, if somebody is using names of real horses.

5. Finnish SIM-gamers are used to horses with "personality"

Usually Finnish SIM-gamers want to see horses, whose pages have more material than just placements. "A perfect SIM-horse" is often refered to be a horse, who has placements, titles, texts, pretty pictures, good pedigree and successful offsprings. There are many Finnish SIM-game evaluations, which value good writing and give point based on text quality.