Nefertari's Philadelphia


VH03-031-0428 / V-LN: 4520759 / ID: 8

BREED, GENDERFinnish Warmblood, mare
YOB, AGE2006, 12-year-old
Color, heightChestnut, 16.3 HH / 166 CM
[FIN] DOB, TASO03.08.2006, RE: 160 CM
BreederNourbese Nefertari

I've always loved history but still it was hard to remember my former stables and nicknames. When I established Moon Sugar Ltd, I started to search about my history, hoping to find something interesting. I remebered I had a SIM-game stable called Maple Hill's Estate, so I used all my skills to find it. When I finally found it, there was one particularly interesting mare - Nefetari's Philadelphia. I was her owner over 10 years ago but I returned her back to her breeder. Her breeder Yogi happened to be still active...

 Nickname of Philadelphia was Diva years ago, and not without a reason, now she is called Diili. She is not a big fan of mud and water, Diili is a mare with a big M. Even if Diili is not the one who kicks and bites, she can still be grumpy to people. Saddle belt is the most hated thing in this world according to Diili but she is also anxious with leg wraps. She also doesn't like other horses that much, Diili acts quite bossy around other mares.

  Under a saddle she is presumably difficult but not impossible. Diili isn't a big fan of flat work, she gets irritated if she has to do something harder than collected canter. In a show jumping arena Diili is a fast and pretentious horse with good style. She is naturally good choice for jump-offs - Diili doesn't need to straighten herself up before a jump. She sounds like a dream horse, but she has a bad habit to be spooky if she's bored. Her rider has to be vigilant all the time, and precise with position, otherwise she will refuse to jump.

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Genotype of Diili is ee/Aa (chestnut). She leaves her divalike behavior behind but also her good jumping style and pompous canter to her progeny. During the year 2018 Diili is going to continue her career as 12-year-old.