The best side of the Moon

Moon Sugar Ltd is a SIM-game stable, located virtually in the Netherlands. The original stable was founded on 19.04.2014 by its Finnish owner Jayde. The idea of the stable has been changing a lot - at first Moon Sugar was a private stable for 5 horses, then it was a home for over 300 horses as stud farm. Nowadays Moon Sugar is offering a place for 30 show jumpers, and it tries to balance between international and Finnish circuits. Our long-term goal is to breed quality horses, especially studbooks Zangersheide and KWPN are close to our heart.     Jayde

History of Jayde

I started my SIM-game "career" during the year 2001. My first SIM-game horse was a black TB stallion "Shadow", and in turn my first SIM-game stable was known as Rainbow's Stable. I didn't have anything permanent long time after that, but as late as 2006 I created a stable called Quinta's Thoroughbreds. Racehorses weren't my thing, but I finally had built something up with long-term goals. That was a new thing to me!

  Famous Sporthorses (2007) wasn't a big thing to anyone, but it made me to focus on show jumping and competitions. Wincare (2008) was a much better version of this idea, it had dozens of first class horses. Wincare got a new name Cirion Stud, and it was running for 5.5 years. Eventually I wanted to aim for different goals, so that's why I decided to establish Moon Sugar Ltd from the ashes of Cirion Stud. As many can guess, the name Moon Sugar originates from the game called Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  I've had several nicknames - e.g. Inkatti, Kirppu, Inka P., Crystal W., Diamond and Diamonte.


Major updates


Moon Sugar Ltd was established. Its main function was to provide a home for my five SIM-game horses. We were only focusing on Finnish SIM-game community at this point. For a some reason, I started to hoard horses from the day 1.


I had managed to collect over 300 horses, and it was too much for me. I decided to have only 10 horses, and return the rest to their breeders. I was thinking my next move, and Moon Sugar was in semi-hiatus.


Moon Sugar Ltd was completely reborn. We decided to aim for international circuits with our few horses. Realism and real time aging also ended up to be crucial for my slower pace. I decided to only have warmbloods and welsh part breds.


I had recovered from several identity crises with a clear vision - I decided to keep only my show jumping warmbloods. I also wanted to find a better way to balance between international, and Finnish circuits.


Database was implemented to our system! I also decided to work on stories more, and made better backgrounds for characters.


2014, VERSION 1.0


2015, VERSION 1.1


2016, VERSION 2.1